Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sura Vie - New lounge in Delhi with live music & great food!!

Recently attended an Indian Ocean Concert at a new restaurant - bar called Sura Vie in Delhi. While the concert (as always) was an experience to remember, it was the place that forced me to write more about!

The website explains - "Sura Vie ( pronounced "Soo-ra eve") is the new casual eclectic lounge that showcases contemporary Indian music live." It is located in the heart of Delhi at Connaught Place. What makes it an interesting place is the combination of live entertainment with great food! The space has been very well designed and can be used for various purposes. And that is why they have different things going on, on different days of the week. From live concerts to ladies night, to brunch with an option for outside seating! The mezzanine floor acting as the stage for the live events, complemented with amazing acoustics gives a feel of a mini-amphitheater.

With a menu designed by the Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor ( also seen chatting around with the guests), the place has tasty options from all over the world! There is also a mini-terrace with heaters for those Delhi winter night romances :) All in all a promising place… and worth a visit!

Chilly Delhi @ night


  1. Nice post, Bhavs.
    Fantastic venue for live music indeed... loved the acoustics there.

  2. Amazing the visit was worth…

  3. Interesting…