Friday, October 7, 2011

The Rock Garden @ Chandigarh

On our way to Kasuali last month, we wandered over to Chandigarh. Chandigarh, is the capital of two states in India; and also a union territory. Quite unique! It is called the 'City Beautiful' or 'The Beautiful City' and also the 'Garden City of India'. Sounds very interesting!

Now, if you talk about gardens in Chandigarh, the rock garden comes up in every conversation, and trust me, everyone (except me, of-course!) seems to know about it. So, Bhavya and I decided to stop over and take a break at these beautiful gardens.

It is a sculpture garden. History goes that some Mr. Nek Chand starting building it illegally near the Sukhna lake, and was able to hide it from the Government for almost 18 years! All the sculptures in the garden are made from waste and thrown-away material. It is amazing! You can see a wall created with switches and sockets, and peacocks made from thrown away bangles. There are lots and lots of sculptures made with waste tiles and stones.

I guess my personal favorite were the numerous waterfalls and canals that ran through-out the rock garden. These waterways add exceptional beauty to the entire place. And then it is also lush green! Well, I guess we had the benefit of visiting it in the monsoon season - but I would be surprised if it is any different in other seasons.

You can easily spend 2 to 4 hours at this place. And if you are an avid photographer, then probably much more! In the last section of the garden, you can find a few small shacks for snacks and a few swings in a very nice nature setting. So, after you get tired with lots of walking along the water canals and alleys leading to the varieties of creative sculptures - it is a nice place to sit back and relax, and refresh your energies for your further adventures in Chandigarh!



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  2. The good thing about Rock Garden is that they kept expanding it. It is really one of top attractions of Chandigarh