Monday, June 13, 2011

Ma, I'm back home!

On my first trip to Japan, I was fascinated by cell-phones! Ask me why? Well, as you would expect with anything ‘Japanese’ – their cell-phones were also about a decade ahead of us :) Every person on the train was watching live TV on their cell-phones or using them to connect to the internet. I guess the best part was to look at people swinging their cell-phones to pay for train and metro passes and/or to pay for burgers at McDonalds. Hep!!

And then I am reminded of my adventures in China – 7 am in the morning, severely jet-lagged and super hungry, I enter a ‘very’ crowded shack that is serving kungu-fu panda size dumplings and something that looked like soup. I remember myself pointing to plates of other people to explain to the seller that I need food, and then having an equally difficult time to figure out how much and how to pay! Language – it was evident was a huge problem was an english-speaking person like me in China.

And finally getting a ticket on the train! Gosh, for keeping my bare foot on the train seat. Mind you no shoes, no socks – just bare foot! And I get a ticket!! People say it can happen only in Switzerland :) But then I also remember the red flowers and the exceptionally serene beauty of Murren which made me fall in love with the country.

A beautiful chalet in Switzerland
All in all, I have had a great run. Within the past ten years, my wife and I have visited numerous countries, and experienced their cultures and diversity. And it has been great! And now we are back – back to our home, back to India. And the goal is to travel! Being travel fanatics, we both have read so much about India that it seems that there is much more to do, and much more to experience in India than most countries put together! I am pretty sure that the lonely planet for India is the thickest book produced by lonely planet for travel ;)
So, this is my first post on this blog – and I hope that this will start an eventful journey for me and wife to travel within India. And post our pictures, special tips, and experiences for people to read and explore India in it’s true sense. Away from the net of commercial enterprises, we envision that this blog will provide first-hand reviews and our personal experiences of our adventures in India.

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