Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where was I?

In Goa of-course! Where else could I be; after all, Goa is the topmost tourist destination in the country :) Goa is lush green in July and August, soaked with lots and lots of rain over the summer months. Endless paddy fields with breath-taking beauty and greenery to the extent that the eyes can see. It was wonderful!
Being a foodie as I am - i'll dedicate my first blog on Goa to food :) So well, I was given my first lesson right on day 1: beta, you need to eat fish!! You need to eat fish to truly enjoy the local cuisine and get a taste of real Goa. So, yes - I did. And now I can say that I miss it!

Left: Fresh Fish for Sale ; Right: Post-Processed Fried Fish
Souza Lobo in Calangute is wow! Excellent food - lot's of variety in starters, nice spicy taste and beer! The restaurant sits on the beach with one side facing the ocean. So, you listen to the waves and enjoy the pleasant breeze while gobbling down your food. Plus, at night they start live music and apparently during season, part of this restaurant also converts into a dance place. Great experience :)
The most hep and happening place might be Cavala, again in Calangute. If I must name one place where the hip Goan crowd meets up - this is it! This is not on the beach, but pretty close to the beach. The only thing we tried here were starters, which were pretty amazing. They have a chicken kebab dish which is really good :) We tried feni here (the local Goan drink) - which was pretty good. Tell them to make it spicy, and add a green chilly to the drink - awesome! But mind you, this place is packed - even in the off-season! So, go there with a mind-set to enjoy live music at the bar till you get your seat!

Typical Goan Lunch Thali
Mum's Kitchen in Panji has the real spicy stuff! The locals say that its the best and the most original Goan food in Goa! And true, my family kept feeling sizzled by the spices, but at the same time kept licking their fingers ;) Well, just to be clear this is a proper air-conditioned restaurant and not on the beach! It is located in Panji, so you can eat here on the day when you decide to visit the casinos in the city.
Last of all, there is Sunny Side Up in Candolim. Once again, this place tops in its location. On the beach, outside seating, and unobstructed views of the ocean. We had  bhaaji here with poi, the local bread. Great, with a fresh lime soda! Sits in a beautiful setting, perfect place to hang out, eat and relax!

Goan Prawn Curry and Chicken Curry
Oh, and one thing that you must try in Goa is the sitaphal ice-cream! Brilliant :) Obviously there is tons and tons more, but hopefully the above list will excite you taste buds! And hopefully food and beach shacks will become an equally motivating reason to visit Goa along with obviously, its fabulous beaches!

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